Monday, September 03, 2007

My Virtual Vision Board

Have you read The Secret? Shortly after I read it in March I made a Vision Board. It turns out Vision Boards are old school. Here's the new version. I got to make myself a Virtual Vision Board AND learn iMovie at the same time so forgive the rookie editing. Man, this was FUN!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

13 Things I'd do if I were Thin...

  1. Wear a bikini
  2. Sunbath topless
  3. Go for a jog
  4. Go white water rafting in a bikini top and short shorts
  5. Do a cartwheel (never have yet!)
  6. Home VBAC my next baby
  7. Check my smile in mirrors as I walk by them
  8. Ride every roller coaster in the amusement park
  9. Take a private helicopter tour of the south island in New Zealand
  10. Spend a day hiking or biking with Jesse when he is older
  11. Go parasailing in Hawaii
  12. Laugh hysterically as my lover picks me up and spins me around
and the most important thing I will do when I am thin
  1. Be focused on JESSE and not myself when I dance the mother/son dance at his wedding