Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Coach, Brooke Castillo in Washington DC this Summer!

For years I've been talking about Brooke Castillo - my life coach since 2006 and one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life. Brooke's a certified North Star life coach and she was trained by Oprah's life coach, Martha Beck. Brooke developed this incredible system which she calls self coaching which I use all the time when I am facing a challenge, if I am stuck, or need to change my perspective on a situation.

I've gone to Brooke's seminars in Lake Tahoe the last couple years and come back with a new perspective and an energy that's unstoppable. The first year I attended, I came back with a commitment to do a triathlon -- I did 4! The second year I was focused on being stuck in my career and within 30 days of returning from the seminar I got a promotions and a $10,000 raise. Within 6 months, I got a new job with another title jump and a $50,000 salary increase - during a recession! Both accomplishments were direct results of the work I did with Brooke in the few short days I participated in her seminars.

Brooke's based out of California and I think all of her live events have been out West. Traveling is a challenge for me now so I figured my days of going to Brooke's seminars had ended, but then I got an idea, what if she did a seminar here, at my house??

And so, in August, Brooke is coming to Washington DC and I'd like to invite you to participate in a seminar that I guarantee will take you to the next level. Brooke's techniques are creative, actionable, and NOT boring. A day with Brooke is a THOUGHT BOOTCAMP!

Check out this video about her style:

Brooke is coming for 2 days (a Saturday and a Sunday), August 14th and 15th and the sessions will last about 8 hours each day. You can come for 1 or both days depending on your budget and schedule. There will be lunch snacks and drinks included in the price. The cost is $250 for 1 day or $399 for both. I'm hoping for a small group so you'll get lots of personal as well as group coaching from Brooke who charges $500+ hour so it will be a great value.

In addition, attendees will be asked to come with a "house gift". The House Gift is your payment to me for hosting this event and here's my price: A pledge or commitment of time, money or other resources for how you will make the world a better place in the next 12 months. It can be as big or small as you want but you will be held accountable for your pledge. The idea of a house gift is based on the Clinton Foundation's program copied, most recently, by Barack Obama at the Nuclear Summit in DC where he required leaders who attended to come with House Gifts. For example, India declared that it will build a center to promote nuclear security. Ukraine, Mexico, Chile, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Canada agreed to dispose of hundreds of pounds of highly enriched uranium used in civilian facilities. etc etc. These pledges are so powerful because you will make your pledge in front of the group and the group will celebrate when you meet your commitment.

Who should come?

  • Anyone who is stuck in anything - a job, a relationship, your health
  • Anyone who needs a turnaround or a breakthrough
  • Anyone with a BIG problem - a problem that seems insurmountable or exhausting
  • Anyone who secretly thinks they are supposed to be doing more with their life
  • Anyone who is looking for a goal or a passion and just feels blah
  • Anyone who feels like they are running out of time or are in a rush to: lose weight, get married, start a business, have a baby, etc.
What you'll get out of the event?

  • A framework for motivating yourself even when it seems impossible.
  • A set of tools to reframe your past, present and most importantly, your future.
  • A no-nonsense, plain spoken, down to earth guide to how to create the future you want - how to live the law of attraction.
  • Aching sides from belly laughs.
  • New and deeper friendships.
  • Hope.

This is going to be a small group (no more than 10 people per day) so if you are interested, let me know ASAP so I can save you a seat. I'll be linking a form here soon! It's going to be at my house which is in Washington DC near metro and the train and equidistant from Dulles, National, and BWI airports.

RSVP to me directly at becomingjourney@gmail.com

So excited!